View Manipulation Shortcuts (On the Edge - Solid Edge Tutorial)

27 May, 2009 By: Russell Brook

Continually manipulate your view while in the middle of a command in Solid Edge.

Editor's note: This tutorial courtesy of Siemens PLM Software.

When using most CAD systems you instinctively use dedicated view commands to pan, zoom, and spin your model around as you design. But if you want to change view in the middle of a command, this often interrupts your workflow. Solid Edge shortcuts this process by including super efficient mouse and keyboard combinations that allow you to continue to manipulate your view even in the middle of a command or rapidly change perspective. Here's a quick tutorial explaining how.

Solid Edge's mouse and keyboard combinations allow you to continue to manipulate your view in the middle of a command or rapidly change perspective.

  1. With one of your 3D designs open in Solid Edge try out these handy keyboard and mouse actions.
  2. If you have a wheel mouse simply press the wheel and move your mouse.
  3. An alternative way to rotate is to hold down the Shift key + the RMB and drag your cursor to rotate your view if you don't have a wheel mouse.
  4. Holding down the CTRL key + the RMB initiates the Zoom Mode. Move your mouse down to zoom to your initial cursor position. Move your mouse up to zoom away.
  5. Now try holding down the CTRL key + Shift + RMB while dragging your mouse. This allows you to quickly pan around your model.
  6. If you think that is cool, to dramatically change your perspective, hold down CTRL + Shift and roll your wheel. This rapidly moves the vanishing point to give you a realistic view.

Most power users take advantage of this capability. They are easy to learn and become second nature once you have used them a few times. You can learn more at or call your local Solid Edge Channel Partner. See you On the Edge next time.