VISTAGY Adds FEA Functionality to FiberSIM v5.4

31 Mar, 2008

Integration with MSC.Software's SimXpert allows mesh information to be communicated to FiberSIM, creating a common data representation for composites lay-up.

VISTAGY announced the upcoming release of FiberSIM v5.4, the latest version of the company's suite of composites-development software. The product is scheduled to ship at the end of the second quarter of 2008.

FiberSIM v5.4 reportedly will deliver optimized composites designs in a shorter period of time while allowing engineers to perform more design iterations later in the development process. Integration with MSC.Software's SimXpert finite-element analysis (FEA) product means that FEA mesh information created in SimXpert can be communicated to FiberSIM to create a common data representation and design tool for composites lay-up.

FiberSIM v5.4 also includes tools for color-coding plies based on material type and ply orientation, which reportedly provides rapid feedback on boundaries and sequences and gives engineers a visual representation of the composition of the part to aid the manufacturing process. In addition to tools for splicing for material width, FiberSIM v5.4 allows users to splice for material-handling requirements to aid the lay-up process. The new release delivers html-based, context-sensitive help as well.

"The link between FiberSIM and SimXpert will deliver unprecedented process improvements in the development of composites products by making it easy to perform multiple design iterations much later in the process based on updates to the structural requirements," said Bob Flory, vice-president of product development at VISTAGY. "This, in combination with significant new functionality that makes it possible for engineers to use best design practices for the chosen manufacturing process, makes FiberSIM v5.4 the ideal software for delivering composite components that meet all performance, weight, and cost requirements."