VX Licenses Siemens 2D DCM Sketching Engine

14 Oct, 2008

The 2D Digital Constraint Manager will be integrated into VX CAD/CAM to power parametric sketching capabilities.

Siemens PLM Software announced that its 2D Dimensional Constraint Manager (2D DCM) software has been licensed for use to VX, a CAD/CAM software provider.

According to Siemens, 2D DCM was selected by VX on the basis of its quality, functionality, and performance, as well as the level of support and business stability associated with Siemens.

"It was very easy to integrate the 2D DCM's proven functionality into our established product line," said Robert Byrnes, vice-president of research and development at VX. "The 2D DCM will enable us to deliver new sketching capabilities demanded by our customers -- such as interactive design modification, advanced constraint types, and 2D motion simulation -- more efficiently than by developing and maintaining our own solution. And since we will be delivering the same core technology used in most major CAD systems, we can offer many new VX CAD/CAM users a more familiar sketching experience."

The 2D DCM offers a range of dedicated tools for configuring 2D sketches with optimum performance and reliability. The new agreement builds upon the licensing by VX in 2002 of the D-Cubed 3D DCM to add parametric assembly modeling and motion simulation to VX CAD/CAM.

"The 2D DCM has earned an excellent reputation for offering great value to application developers and their end-user customers," said Mark Vorwaller, president and CEO of VX. "This reputation, together with VX Corporation's positive experience licensing the 3D DCM, and the trust we have established in Siemens PLM Software as a reliable long-term business partner, helped with our decision to license the 2D DCM. I am looking forward to offering our customers the benefits of the industry's leading 2D constraint solver in the VX CAD/CAM sketcher."