White Paper Details the Advanced Document Management Requirements of Engineers

7 Jul, 2008

Free document from First Trace discusses how to prevent data isolation and fragmented systems.

First Trace, a provider of document management, process management, and data unification solutions, announced today that the company has published a free white paper titled ONE Enterprise: Breaking Down the Wall. The paper describes how engineers working with complex CAD tools have more advanced document management requirements than those of the greater enterprise, creating a common divide since enterprise solutions do not address these specific needs and engineering document management solutions are often incompatible with enterprise environments.

The white paper discusses how to break down the traditional "wall" between engineering and the enterprise with a unified document management strategy. These are some of the topics discussed:

  • the five stages of document management
  • where your firm fits into this spectrum
  • common reasons why the wall exists
  • requirements to break down the wall
  • the ideal solution
  • the value and benefits that can be recognized

To download this white paper at no charge, visit the First Trace Web site.