Print Suite 2.0.4

28 Feb, 2001 By: Michael Lennox

Infinity Squared Technologies Inc.
5 stars out of 5

Print Suite 2.0.4 lets you track AutoCAD plots and all other application prints to any Windows printer. Print Suite tracks jobs in the print spool immediately before they are sent to the printer, so it only tracks jobs that are actually printed. Print Suite's primary components are the Administrator, which sets up the database and generates reports, and the Client, which displays every time a user prints.

Setting up Print Suite 2.0.4 from Infinity Squared Technologies is fast and easy.
Getting up and running with Print Suite is a straightforward process (see figure at right). Installation is quick on a network and in stand-alone mode. The Program Setup window walks you through the steps. You begin by entering or importing departments, customers, and projects. Next, you add users—now an automatic process. You can also import user lists maintained by the operating system at a local or network level. The Program Setup window also helps you configure the database. It controls each component through separate windows. The final step is to enter your standard paper sizes, media, and their prices. Once these three steps are complete, Print Suite is ready to capture plot information. There are other options as well: choose which printers to track or bypass, set keywords to distinguish what to track, and deny printing jobs that exceed a specified page length. The Administrator interface is simple to use. If you get stuck, a comprehensive online manual explains all of the program's features.

The Print Suite Client is a simple dialog box that appears when you print. You select the customer, project, and department, and then print or cancel the job. Once Print Suite captures and stores plot information, you can query and sort the data in the Administrator to export into other applications or to create one of the several standard reports. Highly Recommended.


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