Review: Customizing AutoCAD 2006

12 Apr, 2006 By: Patrick Davis

Book is a well-rounded resource for new and advanced users who want to customize the software.

Author: Sham Tickoo
Publisher: Thomson – Delmar Learning (2006)
Pages: 560
Cost: $79.95

Highly RecommendedCustomizing AutoCAD 2006 by Sham Tickoo teaches users how to customize and automate AutoCAD so they can work more efficiently. The text provides a near complete reference to AutoCAD customization, except for ObjectARX.

This text is for novice and advanced users who want to take full advantage of AutoCAD customization. For the novice users, the text provides enough information to start making AutoCAD work for you. Advanced users wanting to take full advantage of the new and advanced features of AutoCAD will find Customizing AutoCAD 2006 to be a fast reference to the AutoCAD customization toolset.

The text is broken into 17 chapters, starting with the basics of creating template drawings and basic menu customization to the more advanced features such as using AutoLISP and VBA. The book is written in a textbook format with each chapter beginning with the learning objectives. The chapter lessons are then followed by a self-evaluation.

The entire text provides numerous examples, projects, tips and tricks as well as review questions and self-evaluations. Each topic is thoroughly covered with step-by-step instructions and is up-to-date for AutoCAD 2006. Screen captures, graphics and illustrations supplement the text for the reader's benefit.

One major change in AutoCAD 2006 was the introduction of the CUI (Customized User Interface). The purpose of the CUI was to provide a simple method for users to create and modify menus. In future releases of AutoCAD, the CUI might evolve into a simple tool, but in AutoCAD 2006 it has caused a get deal of confusion. If you're experiencing difficulty with the CUI, then Chapter 5 is reason enough to purchase this text. The author thoroughly covers the CUI and demystifies it with easy-to-understand explanations and plenty of examples.

Although the text does an excellent job of covering the basics of AutoLISP, VisualLISP and VBA, it is just an overview. You will learn enough to write and understand simple programs. Anything else would be beyond the scope of the text.

The only flaw I found with the text is the lack of a CD containing the examples and sample files discussed in the text. An Online Companion Resource is included, but a CD would be preferred.

Customizing AutoCAD 2006 is an excellent tutorial and reference, whether you are a novice user or seasoned veteran. This is another useful text by professor and author Sham Tickoo. Customizing AutoCAD 2006 is available from several online booksellers.

Highly Recommended

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