Podcasts for CAD Users

Do you like to multitask? Expand your knowledge of software and hardware tools, industry trends, and more by listening to a podcast while you fold laundry or go for a jog! To get you started, here is a sampling of the many CAD-related options available.

AEC Podcasts

  • 99% Invisible by Roman Mars
    (Focus: Architecture and design)
  • BIMThoughts by Bill Debevc, Carl Storms, and Dana De Filippi
    (Focus: Building information modeling [BIM] technology and techniques)
  • DnA: Design and Architecture by Frances Anderton 
    (Focus: Design and architecture from a Los Angeles perspective)
  • Talking Practice by Harvard Graduate School of Design
  • (Focus: Interviews with leading architects, designers, and planners)

Engineering / MCAD / Product Design Podcasts

Podcasts Addressing CAD Software and Design-Related Technologies

  • 3D Printing Today by Andy Cohen and Whitney Potter 
    (Focus: 3D printing)
  • The AI Podcast by NVIDIA
    (Focus: Explaining artificial intelligence [AI])
  • The CADDle Call by Jim Coppinger and Rocco Parisi, ZenTek Consultants
    (Focus: CADD-focused technology and business discussions)
  • IoT Podcast — Internet of Things by Stacey Higginbotham and Kevin Tofel
    (Focus: The issues, people, and devices shaping the IoT)
  • Share PLM by Myriam Jenni
    (Focus: Product lifecycle management [PLM])