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Cadalyst and Leica Geosystems Webcast: Point Clouds for Revit Modeling

26 Apr, 2012 By: Cadalyst Staff

Longitude Media, publisher of Cadalyst, hosted a free webcast for Autodesk Revit users and managers to discuss the benefits of using 3D scanning and point cloud models in a Revit-based design workflow. The live presentation, titled “Optimize the Use of Point Clouds for Revit Modeling,” was sponsored by Leica Geosystems, developer of the CloudWorx Revit plug-in tool for point-cloud processing.

Building information modeling (BIM) offers tremendous advantages for today’s AEC firms, and using point cloud models of as-built structures is an ideal option for those who want to accelerate the design process for renovations and retrofits while increasing accuracy and cutting costs. Until now, however, the options for creating Revit BIM models from point clouds have been limited and inefficient. With the introduction of Leica CloudWorx for Revit, all that is changing. Leica CloudWorx for Revit allows users to quickly and easily create BIM deliverables of existing construction based on rich data collected by 3D laser scanners — all within the familiar Revit environment.

In “Optimize the Use of Point Clouds for Revit Modeling,” attendees learn about the basics of 3D laser scanning of as-built structures, how to prepare point cloud models, and how to optimize the use of point clouds within a Revit workflow. A live demo of Leica CloudWorx for Revit offers a first-hand look at the unique features and benefits of the plug-in, and a Q&A session during the live broadcast allowed attendees to ask questions of the expert panel.

Moderator: Curt Moreno, CAD manager and blogger, Kung Fu Drafter
Panelist: Ben Bennett, Chief Technology Officer at Digital Surveys Ltd and subsidiary service eBIM Ltd
Panelist: Jason Waddell, BIM manager at The Beck Group and a Leica CloudWorx for Revit customer
Panelist: David Langley, application engineer at Leica Geosystems, Inc. and manager of development of Leica CloudWorx for Revit
Panelist: Michael Harvey, Product Marketing Manager  - HDS for Leica Geosystems, Inc.

Nancy Johnson, editor-in-chief of Cadalyst, said, “3D laser scanning and point cloud models are a hot topic in AEC today because the technology can accurately capture as-built data and get design retrofit and remodeling projects off the ground so much more effectively than capturing as-build data using traditional methods. But the technology is not widely understood and the options for using point-cloud models with Autodesk Revit are limited. Attendees of our webcast will come away with a great understanding of point-cloud models, their benefits for  working with as-built data, and how to optimize their use in a Revit workflow.”


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