Product Design and Manufacturing
Booleans and Mechanical Desktop   1 Jun, 2000

In non-parametric solid modelers, such as the one that is part of AutoCAD, complex models are typically constructed by combining basic geometric shapes through Boolean operationsMore>>

CADWorx/PIPE   1 Jun, 2000

Piping software for AutoCAD.More>>

Parametric Glue   1 Apr, 2000

Drafting skills are not nearly as important in creating parametric solid models with programs such as Autodesk's Mechanical Desktop as they are in creating 2D drawings.More>>

Move your Art to Part   1 Mar, 2000

Moving from concept to digital manufacturingMore>>

Mechanical Desktop Features   1 Feb, 2000

Autodesk's Mechanical Desktop incorporates both feature-based and parametric technologies in the construction of 3D solid models.More>>

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