Product Design and Manufacturing
Back To 2D   1 Dec, 2000

Even though transferring data directly from computer 3D models to the machines that manufacture parts is becoming increasingly common, you often still need to make fully dimensioned multiview 2D drawings from your 3D solid models.More>>

Booleans and Mechanical Desktop   1 Jun, 2000

In non-parametric solid modelers, such as the one that is part of AutoCAD, complex models are typically constructed by combining basic geometric shapes through Boolean operationsMore>>

CADWorx/PIPE   1 Jun, 2000

Piping software for AutoCAD.More>>

Parametric Glue   1 Apr, 2000

Drafting skills are not nearly as important in creating parametric solid models with programs such as Autodesk's Mechanical Desktop as they are in creating 2D drawings.More>>

Move your Art to Part   1 Mar, 2000

Moving from concept to digital manufacturingMore>>

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