Product Design and Manufacturing
Creating form•Z Skins   31 Oct, 2002

We continue exploring form•Z's tools for transforming wire objects into 3D objects this month.More>>

Weldment Design with Autodesk Inventor 6   31 Oct, 2002

Inside the recently released Autodesk Inventor 6 is a weldment-design environment.More>>

The Productivity Edge   31 Oct, 2002

In order to ensure maximum productivity, the most frequently used commands--such as reference-plane creation, viewing options, profile and sketch creation, editing features, and so on--need to be as functional and intuitive as possible.More>>

Applying Multi-body Techniques   31 Oct, 2002

Jankowski shows how to get a non-continuous solid body using the multi-body modeling methods.More>>

form•Z Revolutions and Sweeps   30 Sep, 2002

We examined form•Z's tools for creating wire objects, such as lines and curves, last month. This month we will examine two of the program's tools for transforming those wire objects into 3D objects.More>>

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