Rendering Hardware

Sponsored by BOXX Technologies, Cadalyst presents this collection of resources to help CAD users understand and optimize the use of hardware in the design rendering workflow.

Rendering News and Features from Cadalyst

BOXX Debuts Personal Rendering Module
Compact renderPRO unit boosts power for 3ds Max, Maya, Revit, and other visualization applications. More>>

Dedicated Computing Power Improves Rendering EfficiencyDedicated Computing Power Improves Rendering Efficiency
When an Indiana AEC firm struggles with a cobbled-together rendering farm, Avatech Solutions prescribes new hardware and software. More>>


What a Difference a D MakesWhat a Difference a D Makes
When it comes to conveying the vision of a building design, Selser Schaefer Architects found that 3D can succeed where 2D fails. More>>


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Rendering Hardware Resources from BOXX Technologies

Rendering Basics and FAQ
Free downloadable documents describe rendering basics, including rendering workflows and how to set up a rendering network. Common rendering questions are addressed in the FAQ.

Rendering Hardware VideosRendering Hardware Videos
Take a look at these videos demonstrating BOXX Technologies rendering hardware in action. Check back for new videos, coming soon. More>>


Rendering Hardware OptionsRendering Hardware Options
Optimized rendering requires the right hardware for the job. BOXX Technologies offers the renderPRO personal rendering option, the renderBOXX for a rack-mounted approach, and the R.O.W. RenderFarm on Wheels.


Rendering in the Real World
Case studies and other features look in-depth at how design visualization is making waves in a variety of applications, including architecture, engineering, entertainment, medicine, and many others.

“Green” Architecture Firm Discovers the Ultimate Revit Solution
Sera Architects recognized that in order to complete a pair of multimillion dollar “green” building projects on time, they would have to increase the speed of their workstations. More>>


Dedicated Computing Power Improves Rendering EfficiencyLeading Engineering Firm Accelerates Rendering with BOXX Solution
URS, the world’s largest engineering design firm builds a BOXX render farm to make the rendering of high-quality visuals more efficient.  More>>


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