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CAD Programming Article
Using Macros and VBA   20 Oct, 2021

CAD Programming: Macros and VBA give users an easy way to dip their toes into programming. More>>

Bentley: A Better Deal Sponsored
Bentley: A Better Deal   16 Nov, 2019

Purchase Software to Suit Your Business NeedsMore>>

Bentley: Better Support and Services Sponsored
Bentley: Better Support and Services   15 Nov, 2019

When you combine MicroStation with world-class support and services, you are on your way to elevating your competitive outlook. More>>

Bentley: Move Beyond CAD Sponsored
Bentley: Move Beyond CAD   15 Nov, 2019

Move Beyond CAD at Your Pace with MicroStationMore>>

Bentley: Choose MicroStation Sponsored
Bentley: Choose MicroStation   14 Nov, 2019

Are you facing an ever-increasing workload with tighter deadlines, but your productivity is not growing as the same pace? Maintaining your competitive edge depends on combining the latest technology with your skills and experience to win and deliver more successful projects faster, while optimizing...More>>

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Dear MicroStation Maxine: What Kind of Support Is Available for a Migration to MicroStation?   19 Jun, 2018

Bentley Systems provides procedural and technical support as well as endless learning resources to support CAD managers, users, and their companies making the transition.More>>

Get to Know MicroStation: Resources from Bentley

MicroStation 101: An Overview 
MicroStation’s advanced parametric 3D modeling capabilities allow infrastructure professionals of any discipline to deliver data-driven, BIM-ready models. Bentley provides the run-down on what make this modeling software so powerful. Read more

Bentley Customer Stories: Who Is Using MicroStation  and How 
Nearly 500 user projects, each profiling an entry in Bentley's annual Be Inspired awards competition, highlight innovative MicroStation–based projects in infrastructure design, engineering, construction, and operations. Read more

Video Library: See MicroStation in Action 
Bentley presents its collection of YouTube videos demonstrating MicroStation features and functionality, tips and advice, applications, and much more. Read more


Try MicroStation for Yourself: Download Free Trial 
Sign up for your free 14-day trial of MicroStation CONNECT Edition and link to resources explaining system requirements, how to get started, and more. Read more


Take the Quiz: Is a Move to MicroStation Right for YOU?
Not everyone is a perfect match for MicroStation, and Bentley is committed to helping you determine what's best for your company. Answer this series of questions to see what's right for you. Take the quiz

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