Control Femap Models with Reference Groups

25 Feb, 2013 By: Alastair Robertson

Femap Tips and Tricks: This capability can help with model organization and visualization control.

Editor's Note: This tutorial courtesy of Siemens PLM.

One method of organizing and arranging groups to help display the desired entities in a model is the Reference Groups capability. By using Reference Groups, you can manipulate existing groups and essentially define groups of groups.

As an example, this fuselage model has a number of groups that divide the model into its general components already set up.

So, if we want to view all of the elements that make up the fuselage skin, we can essentially add all the necessary groups as reference groups to the Skin group, making it easy to select but without changing the group definitions.

You can access Reference Groups by right-clicking on a group name and selecting Reference Groups in the pull-down menu. The desired groups can then be selected in the Referenced Groups dialog.

This results in the selected collection of groups that display the desired elements for the fuselage skin in this example.

Note also that the group icon also changes to indicate that there are referenced child groups.

You can watch the video of this Femap tip on the Femap Demos website.

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