Multiple Output Vector Display in Femap

2 Mar, 2016 By: Alastair Robertson

Femap Tips and Tricks: Display multiple results vectors in a single display for different element types.

Editor's note: This tutorial courtesy of Siemens PLM.

With results processing in Femap finite element analysis (FEA) software, it's possible to show results on two additional output vectors simultaneously in the same plot. So for example, you can create a criteria plot comprising solid, shell, and beam elements, and select the results quantity to show on each element type independently. You can also show results on different types of elements with the same topology — such as beams, bars, and rods — at the same time.

In a Femap model that contains solid, shell, and beam elements, click the Post Data icon (or click on View / Select in the menu, and click the Deformed and Contour Data… button) to open the Select PostProcessing Data dialog box. 

In this dialog, click the Multiple Contour Vectors… (On) button to open the Select Multiple Contour Vectors dialog. 

The first vector has already been populated with a top plate von Mises stress vector. Select the down arrow in the second vector field to show the drop-down menu of the available output vectors, and scroll down to select 60031.. Solid Von Mises Stress vector. 

Similarly, for the third vector, select the 3166.. Beam EndB Max Comb Stress vector for beam element results.

Click OK, then OK again to close the Select PostProcessing Data dialog.

In the View Select dialog (if it’s not already open, you can open this dialog through the View / Select menu option), ensure that the Criteria radio button is selected for the Contour Style, and click OK.

You should now see a contour view showing the selected three output vectors for the solid, shell, and beam elements in the model.

You can watch the video of this Femap tip on YouTube. 

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