Design Visualization
3D Format Frenzy   14 Dec, 2004

Article By : Ron LaFon

Although the basic premise behind all of the applications included in this article is essentially the same-providing a way to publish 3D data-the approaches vary tremendously, showing the diversity and vigor in this particular segment of the software market.More>>

First Looks: ArchVision Composer & Adobe Photoshop CS   14 Dec, 2004

Article By : Ron LaFon

A winning combination for design professionals.More>>

First Look: 3ds max   14 Dec, 2004

Article By : Ron LaFon

High-end 3D visualization and animation.More>>

First Look: Piranesi 4   30 Sep, 2004

Article By : Ron LaFon

Since its introduction, piranesi has become a must-have for the toolbox of those who produce architectural visualizations and renderings. Starting with a simple model, you use Piranesi to quickly fill in details to create an image that looks as if you drew by hand using traditional artistic...More>>

blank Visualize this!   15 Aug, 2004

Article By : Ron LaFon

Rendering and visualization software capable of producing exquisitely detailed images has become popular far beyond the domain of those who produce such work professionally.More>>

All the mechanical caddies Winners   31 May, 2004

Article By : Laracella Sheridan

All the mechanical caddies WinnersMore>>

Silicon Graphics sells Alias business   14 Apr, 2004

Article By : Cadalyst Staff

Investment firm acquires developer of Studio Tools, MayaMore>>

blank StudioTools 11 & ImageStudio 1   31 Jan, 2004

Article By : Bill Fane

Many Cadalyst readers work in the engineering or the drafting side of the business, where your primary interests lie in working out a detailed design solution and producing finished working drawings. You tend to use software such as Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, and SolidWorks. StudioTools is a...More>>

First Looks: Discreet 3ds max 6   5 Jan, 2004

Article By : Ron LaFon

3D modeling, rendering, visualization.More>>

First Looks: Design Extension for 3ds max   30 Apr, 2003

Article By : Ron LaFon

When Discreet's 3ds max and Autodesk VIZ diverged as products, 3ds max evolved its core modeling, animation, and rendering features with additional capabilities specific to game design and film and video effects while VIZ offered AEC-oriented features.More>>